HostelWorld vs. HostelBookers

For a while there, had a real monopoly on the hostel booking business. After all, they hold the license to the BackpackOnline booking software used by nearly all of the hostels I’ve been to, not to mention their customer interface (the website) is friendly, attractive, and easy to use. But one main competitor… Continue reading HostelWorld vs. HostelBookers

Black & White Hostel Review

Black & White Hostel Inside

I’ll admit, my first impression of this place wasn’t so great. It was late at night, I couldn’t find it, and the only identifier that you’re in the right place is a small sign on the intercom, which you have to call to get in each time. The hostel itself is all of about one hallway with four dorms and two bathrooms, no common room or kitchen, no lockers, and is often noisy at night.