A Room in Prague for $3.68

Czech Inn

I was staying in one hostel here in Prague for about $8/night and really liked it – Art Hole Hostel. I was unable to find a couchsurfer in time so I needed to extend my stay a few days into the weekend but they were fully booked, so I booked three nights at Czech Inn, which didn’t have a kitchen and was in a non-ideal location, but worked for a few days and was pretty cheap.

Czech Inn Hostel

Today, I went to book next week at Art Hole again and found the Monday wasn’t available so went online to extend my stay here at Czech Inn another night. On HostelWorld, I found the same 6-bed dorm I’ve been staying in (nice place, BTW,) for only $3.68 surrounded by $11-ish rooms on Sunday and Tuesday – that’s pretty typical for hostels to do so their “Dorms from” price will be low and show up high in search results. Sneaky annoying tactic, and why I usually prefer HostelBookers (it averages the price for all days.)

This time it worked out though, and got a stay on Monday night for less than 4 bucks. W00t!

Tuesday through Friday I’ll be staying at Art Hole Hostel again (recommended,) and then I’m couchsurfing for three nights on the weekend. Then maybe, just maybe…I’ll leave Prague.

We’ll see.

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