Aaaaand, I’m Back in London

Me after World Pillow Fight Day in London
The aftermath - I went through 3 pillows

Big surprise, huh? I can’t seem to stay away from this place.

But I have an excuse! It was actually for “work” this time – Mercedes invited me to come drive a good selection of their cars, anything from the smart electric car to the monstrous 600 horsepower Mercedes SLS AMG supercar. So really, was I about to pass that up? I don’t think so.

Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

That’s the car I drove. Here’s me acting a fool in it:

Me in the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster

Aside from being generally terrified to be driving a $260,000 right-hand-drive car on the wrong side of the road, I had a blast.

But of course I didn’t go JUST for the cars. I like London, and I really like Mary, and I like the music and events. In fact, I discovered a new artist by accident while walking around Camden one night – Celt Islam. If you like electronic music, check out the Celt Islam Soundcloud page. Amazing stuff, especially live.

So, what are my plans in London? Whatevs.

I have a couple of shows I want to go to in a couple weeks, but I can’t afford to stay long in London unless I’m couchsurfing. And couchsurfers that can host can be tough to find in this town.

I also happened to come during World Pillow Fight Day, which was a pleasant surprise:

World Pillow Fight Day London Trafalger Square

Me after World Pillow Fight Day in London
The aftermath – I went through 3 pillows

So, I’ll probably wander around some more, go to some shows and parties, maybe another museum and hopefully stumble across another flash mob or two.

Should probably get some work done too. We’ll see how that goes.

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